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All pillows start with the best quality quilting cottons or batiks.  Fabric is then quilted before being pieced.  Pillow Talk quotes are printed on linen and appliquéd to the quilted pillow fabric.  Pillows are sewn together and then stuffed with the appropriate size pillow form.  Smaller pillows are hand sewn to close. Larger pillows have a velcro closure on the back. 

          Tooth Fairy Pillows - Pocket Pillows                     Pillow Talk Pillows  - Throw Pillows            Pocket Pillow and Pillow Sham Sets 

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Tooth Fairy pillows are small quilted pillows 8x8 in size that have a pocket on the front to hold the lost tooth as well as the tooth fairy gift. A ribbon is included so that the pillow can be hung on the bedpost or door knob. Three different sayings are available.

Pocket pillows are 18x18 in size quilted pillows with a pocket on the front and a Velcro closure on the back. They can be created in a wide variety of themes for baby shower gifts, children’s gifts, college students, and holidays. They’re great for holding a book, ipad, ereader, or even TV changer.  

Pocket Pillows

Pillow Talk: General

Pillow Talk pillows are small quilted pillows 8x8 in size with quotes printed on linen. Quotes complement the fabric used. Some times the idea starts with a quote, other times the inspiration starts with fabric I find.  Themes include travel, food, science, people, animals, thoughts/inspiration, crafts, and holidays. For an additional charge, pillows can also be custom ordered with your theme and personalized quote. Also, pillows can be customized as birth announcements or as wedding gifts. 

Cat Lover? Dog Lover? You'll be able to find pillow talk pillows for either animal. There are also pillows for llamas, giraffes, birds, sloths, raccoons, rabbits, etc. Can't find your favorite animal? Contact me and I'll try to find just the right fabric and quote. For an additional charge, pillows can be customized with your pet's name.

Pillow Talk: Animals

Pillow Talk:     Crafts/Sewing

You'll be able to find the right pillow and quote for the crafter, sewer, or quilter in your life---even if it is you! Celebrate creativity with handmade gift. Quilt guilds can also customize pillows for special events. 

Are you a foodie or know one?  There are so many pillows to celebrate that favorite food or drink. Have a small specialty food shop?  Create a customized open/closed pillow for your shop door. 

Pillow Talk: Food

Featured Item: Pillow Talk Pillows

Pillow Talk: People

With "people" pillow talk you'll find pillows for both males and females---superheroes, ninjas, matryoshkas, princesses, vikings, athletes, etc. These pillows are great for kid's room doors and can be personalized with a name or nickname. 

Here you'll find that special pillow for that nerd or geek in your life.  Pillow themes are math, science, books, the environment, etc. These make a great gift for a special teacher.

Pillow Talk: Science


For questions about any of my products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact me:

Email:  pieceduniquedesigns@gmail.com 

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Pillow Talk: Thoughts/Inspiration

Inspirational pillow talk pillows are beautiful flowered pillows with inspirational, motivational, and sometimes cheeky sayings. Like other types of pillow talk pillows, they can be customized as a special gift or momento. 

Globe Trotter? World Traveler? Celebrate wanderlust with these pillow talk pillows. 

Pillow Talk: Travel   

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